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KeyOption Binary Option Trade


KeyOption is the binary options platform that offers up to 86% of your original investment on any day you invest! Our new mobile trading platform will make you money through strategic and smart binary options investing! Anyone can learn what it takes to become a successful commodity trader and finance expert with our stock ticker and real time updated market charts! Get started making money with a “call option” or “put option” today!• First choose a trading category to invest in from Forex, stock indices, commodities or events
• Then choose an asset (stock, commodity, index or more) from our real time updated market charts and stock ticker that you would like to invest in
• Then select “call option” (earning you money if the price of the stock, commodity, or index raises) or the “put option” (earning you money if the price of the stock, commodity, or index drops) and select the amount of money you would like to invest. The call option gives the holder the right to buy shares, while the put options allows the holder the right to sell a security at a certain amount
• Wait until the stock, commodity or index matures and see if you earned any money! Get up to 96% of your original investment when “in the money”
Binary options trading on KeyOption can provide up to a 86% return in just one trade! KeyOption is here to help you become an expert trader and execute a successful investing strategy for binary options. We’re perfect for finance experts looking for an advanced mobile platform and also easy enough to use so that even newcomers to finance and investing can learn binary options trading and make money. Online binary options trading is now easier, safer and more secure for every trader on our site, as our advanced yet simple platform offers top of the line technology and 100% security!
Now investing is even simpler with KeyOption's revolutionary mobile platform, allowing you to enjoy your favorite trading features and trade options at the convenience of your smart phone; anytime & anywhere. Now, you can follow your account balance and open trades at any given moment! We keep you up to date with alerts, tips and strategies on how to maximize your earnings every day you invest.
KeyOption is dedicated to its clients, and puts customer support as its highest priority: our professional support team is available at all trading times through mail, phone, chat or call back and will be glad to answer any questions you may have and help with any problems that may occur.
Your favorite features are also on mobile:• Up to 86% profit in one trade• Money refund even when you’re “out of the money” or “at the money” around 10%• 100% Secured application• Large Selection of Global Assets• 60 seconds trading• Long Term trading• Free market charts and stock ticker for your convenience• 24/7 professional customer support• Totally Free - No Hidden Fees
Download the award-winning FREE KeyOption Mobile Trading Application today start your success with a 100% welcome bonus.